swine insurance

Production output insurance including PRRS, PED and ASF

and price protection through LRP-Swine

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Stockguard products for 

hog producers

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Coverage against attritional disruptions during the farrow-to-wean stage – first-of-its-kind insurance for the swine industry, easily understandable with parallels in crop coverage –"an actual production history for hog production." Protect your expected yield based on your past performance. Protects against:

  • PRRS

  • PED

  • Swine Influenza and more


​Business continuity in the event of an on-site outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), a high-mortality, contagious foreign animal disease found in many countries around the world, recently spreading through Asia and Europe.

Livestock Risk Protection

Stockguard is a licensed provider of Swine Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) and Livestock Gross Margin (LGM), the subsidized price protection programs from the USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA).

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