Livestock Risk Protection

Recent improvements to the USDA's LRP-Swine including higher limits of 150,000 head per year now make it a viable option that large hog operations should consider.

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Stockguard can help.

Recent improvements to LRP-Swine

Increased head limits

The head limits have increased to 150,000 market hogs per producer per crop year (July 1 to June 30)

Increased subsidies

Increased subsidies are now 35% for 95 - 100% coverage level ranging up to 55% for 70 - 79.99%

Coverage prices

Coverage prices are between 70% and 100% of expected ending value

Premiums due at end

Premium is due at the end of the endorsement period

What is LRP?

LRP-Swine and LGM-Swine from the USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) are federally-reinsured, subsidized livestock products that provide protection against the decline in hog prices. They are improving every year and should be considered as part of a risk management plan for hog operations of every size.

how can stockguard help?

Stockguard is a provider of Swine LRP/LGM as licensed agents of Hudson Crop and we can advise you on these and all RMA plans. These programs cover you against downturns in market price, but have limitations – they don’t help if your herd is impacted before making it to market.


By combining Swine LPR/LGM price protection with Stockguard’s innovative, one-of-a-kind comprehensive production protection which insures your swine yield, you are covering both yield and price, guaranteeing a certain revenue.

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