african swine fever insurance

ASFGuard from Stockguard protects you against an outbreak of African Swine Fever on your site. Hog producers face the threat of foreign animal diseases (FADs) such as African Swine Fever decimating their income. However, risk management products remain scarce, complicated and expensive.

Stockguard can help with the most affordable and comprehensive ASF coverage in the industry.

How it works

In the event that African Swine Fever is detected on your facilities, you will likely face a cull order, which could interrupt your production. With no revenue during the event, you continue to incur expenses for financing, payroll, and contract growing fees, among others. 


Stockguard ASF insurance will indemnify you of fixed expenses in the event that an outbreak is detected on your facility, giving you financial support to repopulate and reestablish your flows.