Building with the industry, for the industry

Stockguard was founded in response to a need for better livestock insurance solutions. We've partnered with industry experts and producers to create simple, affordable, helpful insurance coverage that provides a safety net for the nation’s food supply.

About stockguard

Stockguard brings decades of expertise in insurance, livestock risk management and disease research into collaboration with producers like you to create insurance products and decision-support tools for the U.S. beef and pork industries. Our insurance is backed by the largest insurers in the world, including Lloyd’s of London. We’re certified license providers in every state in the U.S. and have partnered with industry experts to create insurance plans that are customer-focused for the livestock industry. 


Our team has worked at Google, Great American Insurance, AIR Worldwide and Munich Re, and has also produced and marketed livestock.


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Jeff Gillis


8 years at Google on product team, Google Analytics

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Kierste Miller 


Epidemiologist and data scientist, prev. at Metabiota, AIR Worldwide

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Euweng Chan 

Vice President Corporate Strategy

Prev. underwriter/actuary at GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions, Munich Re 

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Greg Boruff

Director of Sales & Business Development

Prev. Senior Business Development at Great American Insurance

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Stockguard advantages

Our specialty is quantifying the frequency, severity, and duration of livestock diseases and production disruption events and then tailoring inexpensive and effective insurance policies to safeguard our clients in the livestock industry, with the optimal customer experience. Our goal is to protect you from production risk so you can focus on what you do best. 



Integration with the latest payment technologies ensure claims are paid out in a timely matter so your business can stay in business.


Best-in-class foreign animal disease model facilitates competitive premiums.


Incorporates swine expert and client feedback while promoting good animal husbandry and biosecurity.